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Atlantis liveaboard Scuba Diving and Adventure Safaris Philippines

The building of our purpose designed liveaboard diveboat Adventure using advanced epoxy glass composite construction has begun.

 liveaboard dive boat adventure
An artists impression of our Liveaboard Diveboat Adventure

laying keel adventure liveaboard diveboat

Laying up the front half of the keel

the completed from half of the keel of our liveaboard diveboat adventure

The front half of the keel for our liveaboard dive boat Adventure has been completed

two sections of the keel for our liveaboard diveboat adventure have been united

The two halves of the keel of our liveaboard diveboat Adventure have been united

adventure liveabaord dive boat the keel has been completed

Another view of the keel which has been leveled and united to the front half

adventure liveaboard diveboat construction of the main hull continues

Construction of the main hull of Adventure continues at a rapid pace

liveaboard diveboat adventure cebu philippines

The main hull is rapidly reaching completion

rear hull liveaboard diveboat cebu

The rear end has now been added

rear inside view adventure liveaboard dive boat philippines

Adventure is getting closer the the water every day

adventure liveaboard dive boat center hull

Here one can get a good idea of the size of Adventure

The long narrow centre hull with a draft of one meter giving a boyancy of 16 tons is what gives Adventure its high efficiency using relatively little horsepower to achieve a relatively high speed of 15 knots.

The speed of a boat is a function of the water line length in relationship to displacement length ratio so the longer and lighter the boat is the faster it will go for a given horsepower.

While friction is proportional to the surface area the reason for the flat bottom is that although a round undersurface will give the minimum surface area it also gives the boat no righting moment whereas the flat bottom gives only a minimal increase in surface area but it gives the maximum of righting moment.

float for outrigger liveabout diveboat adventure

Both of the floats for the outriggers have now been constructed ready to be mounted onto the main hull

adventure liveaboard dive boat

Our liveaboard dive boat Adventure is beginning to take shape, as can be seen the outrigger floats have now been mounted and the decking is being put in place

adventure liveaboard diveboat being build cebu philippines looking like aircraft carrier

Adventure  looking a bit like an aircraft carrier

truck parked under the wing of the liveaboard dive boat ADVENTURE  being build for Atlantis Scuba Diving and Adventure

Atlantis Scuba Diving and Adventure our truck parked under the wing of our liveaboard dive boat ADVENTURE which we are building

For more information on the building of ADVENTURE and the tours we offer please send us an email to Mel using our email form

Based at Biasong Bay north of Cebu City the gateway to diving in the Philippines.

N ⁰11 3′6. 94″

E 123⁰ 55′ 14.50″




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